Filipche: No need for additional restrictive measures for now


For now, there’s no need for additional restrictive measures, as the situation is stable after the initial surge in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, Health Minister Venko Filipche said on Saturday.

“For the time being, monitoring of the cases and coronavirus surveys conducted by epidemiologists leave no room for panic, i.e. likelihood of uncontrolled spread of the virus as something that would push forward the need for additional restrictive measures,” Filipche said.

In response to a reporter’s question at Saturday’s World Heart Day event, Filipche added he sincerely hoped that neither North Macedonia nor the region as a whole, seeing that the epidemiological situation is clearly the same or similar everywhere, would face a situation where restrictions are required.

According to him, a first step would include certain softer measures, such as the limit to public gatherings, i.e. ban in some municipalities where the number of cases and the virus transmission points to a need for restrictions.

Filipche noted that face masks are not mandatory outdoors for now, but people would need to protect themselves against colds and the seasonal flu as autumn and winter time is coming.

“There are no indications that additional softer restrictions are necessary for now, and far from a full lockdown,” he added.

In terms of analysis of increased fatalities and latest COVID-19 trends, Filipche noted as regards internal analyses carried out by wards, hospitals and clinics, the Infectious Diseases Clinic has its analysis almost completed and it is expected next week.

“I believe in a week all centers will have their work completed and results will be presented to the public,” the Health Minister said.


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