Newborn infected with coronavirus at GOH


A baby born at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital is infected with the coronavirus.

It is a newborn that is isolated in a separate room and may have been infected by vertical transmission from the mother. The clinic confirms this information, but leaves room for doubt because this would be the first case of vertical COVID-19 transmission that has not been proven to exist so far.

Neither the mother nor the newborn have any symptoms.

On the recommendation of the ministry, another test is performed and the results are awaited. The mother tested positive, but only for one antigen, and not for the two necessary ones, now her results will be awaited. She had chronic hepatitis B, so the baby had to be breastfed immediately. Such a case has not been confirmed in the country so far, so it is expected that during the day the additional examinations will show whether it is possible for COVID-19 to be transmitted by vertical transmission.


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