Outflow of medical workers still not concerning, according to Filipche and Zaev


The resignations of the three nurses (one of whom was the hospital’s head nurse) at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases have once again reminded of the alarming situation in the public healthcare in Macedonia.
The wave of outflow  professional medical staff, but also transfers from state to private clinics in the country where salaries are significantly higher, in recent years have become alarmingly common, which undoubtedly speaks of the bad image in our healthcare.

Healthcare for which citizens pay during their entire lifetime, so that due to lack of staff and chaotic functioning, they are eventually forced to decide to use private health services, which, in turn, cost a lot.

The red alarm includes the data according to which about 200 doctors graduate from the Medical Faculty in Skopje each year, and about 170 doctors apply for emigration abroad.

As one of the main reasons for leaving, medical workers point to low wages and working conditions, and if this trend is not reduced, it could seriously endanger the healthcare system.

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