Police Union accuses of putting 100 employees’ lives at risk in the laboratories of the Ministry of Interior


Due to the problem in the Department of Forensic Technical Investigations and Expertise that has been going on for more than a year and the Director of the Public Security Bureau has not yet found a solution for non-compliance with the basic rules prescribed by the Law on Safety and Health at Work, the Police Union in Macedonia appealed to Monday to urgently address the problem of high risk of infection caused by improper handling of infectious material.

The police union states that there was already a case of an employee who was most directly exposed to the danger of infection and addressed the competent authorities in the Ministry of Interior, but even after a long period his request was ignored.

From there they add that although all responsible persons in the Ministry of Interior are familiar with the existing problem, so far no one has understood the seriousness of handling hazardous substances and infectious material and the need to introduce work protocols.

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