Várhelyi: The issue with Bulgaria should not be overly dramatized


After the report of the European Commission on the country’s progress on the path to the EU was published yesterday, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and EnlargementOlivér Várhelyi came to an official visit to Skopje on Wednesday.

Várhelyi asked Macedonia to continue strengthening the reform results, primarily on the ground in the fight against corruption but also with the implementation of laws relating to the judiciary and public administration.

Asked whether other countries are also backing Bulgaria’s demands and whether the country could open the EU negotiations by the end of 2020, he said the process of negotiations was under way and the Commission had to secure the support of every member country.

“I hope to see the negotiating framework with North Macedonia agreed and the first Intergovernmental Conference held under Germany’s EU presidency. Let diplomacy work and good neighbourly relations prevail. I trust North Macedonia and Bulgaria will find a solution,” Várhelyi told the news conference.

Varhelyi said that the issue should not be “overly dramatized”, even though it was a very serious issue.

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