Minimum cost of living at MKD at 33,621 denars in September


The value of the Trade Union minimum consumers’ basket for September 2020 is 33,621 denars.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), the elements that make up the basket, food and beverages are 14,064.5 denars, housing 1,788.99, hygiene 23,79.82, transportation 2,466.69, clothing and shoes 2,138.02, culture 1,066.79, while health maintenance 716.20 denars.

Referring to the State Statistical Office, SSM reminds that the average net salary in July this year was 27,231 denars, while the gross salary was 40,640 denars. Then, the value of the Trade Union’s Minimum expenditure basket was 33,265.08 denars.

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