Dr. Panovski: Contacts longer more than 20 minutes, talking or coughing pose the highest risk


One of the top microbiologists in the country Dr. Nikola Panovski warns that the main risks for the spread of the coronavirus are the distance of less than two meters between people, contacts longer than 20 minutes, as well as talking, coughing, sneezing and singing during contact.

He says the only protection against the virus is to avoid long contacts with people, and also points out that restaurants and cafes meet all the conditions for transmitting the virus, especially indoors.

“The main risk for COVID-19 infection is not keeping distance of at least two meters, contacts longer than 20 minutes, talking, coughing, sneezing and singing during contact. Avoid such contacts, and wear a face mask if necessary. These are scientifically and expertly proven findings for all respiratory infections 100 years ago, and they also apply to COVID0-19,” explains Panovski.

He also commented on the Government’s measures for wearing a protective mask outdoors and indoors, claiming it is unnecessary to wear a face mask when outdoors.

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