Police to enter homes upon reports or upon tip-off


We had a meeting of the main crisis headquarters and we still do not have new recommendations that imply more radical measures. But nothing is ruled out, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski.

“At no point will we violate the inalienable right to one’s home, but there will have to be controls. Whether upon reports, or upon tip-off, the police will be able to go and intervene with the owner and check if there are any violations or not,” said Spasovski.

Speaking about the frequent police control unites on the city streets, Spasovski stressed that the Ministry of Interior continues with the activities in the area of traffic violations.

“Over 14,000 violations were identified during this period. The activities in the area of wearing protective equipment continue as well. On average, 1,000 people are fined per day for not wearing face masks, i.e. personal protective equipment,” says Spasovski.

Regarding the comments that this is how the budget is filled, Spasovski says that the budget is in good condition and through punishment a serious problem such as traffic accidents is solved.

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