SDSM Secretary General: There will be elections in Shtip


There will be elections in Shtip, and Sasko Nikolov is the future mayor. The elections will be according to all standards, protocols and protective measures, the health of the citizens will be protected, said SDSM Secretary General and Deputy Prime Minister for Fight against Corruption Ljupcho Nikolovski.

SDSM has a huge lead in all the polls ahead of the municipal elections in Stip. VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski are afraid of defeat, and we offer better life for Shtip and all citizens, Nikolovski said.

He expects democratic and fair elections, with full protection of the health of the voters in both Shtip and Plasnica.

“The opposition has become an example of irresponsible behavior, and we have shown that we know how to organize elections, such as the parliamentary elections a few months ago,” said the secretary general of the ruling SDSM.

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