The incompetent and charlatan policy of SDSM and Zaev is to blame for the blockade


For three whole years, Zaev, Shekerinska, Dimitrov, Pendarovski convinced us that all foreign issues are closed. These days, their policy is experiencing a foreign fiasco. What would people say, because of the charlatanry of SDSM, the citizens were figuratively left with short sleeves, i.e. none of the promises of Zaev and Shekerinska that they will bring us into the EU, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski at a press conference.

“It is unfortunate that the whole country and the whole nation are suffering because of the exhibitions of three or four stray politicians in the Government who have not a single gram of responsibility and shame. Let us recall via a video what Shekerinska said in September 2017. Shekerinska then promised that the good neighborly treaty would move the country forward, that the support from our neighbor on the road to the EU is great and the like, and today we see a blockade. Obviously the promises made by Shekerinska, Zaev and the others were too great for the Bulgarian side to bear, because they were betrayed,” Arsovski said.

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