US Embassy denies supporting constitutional judges in raising their salaries


The US embassy says it did not encourage them, let alone approve a 35 percent pay rise for constitutional judges.

Regarding yesterday’s announcement of the Constitutional Court, the embassy denies that it was part of a process in which it was decided that the basic salaries of over 90 thousand denars, the constitutional judges to add allowances of additional 30 thousand denars.

“The ambassador has neither the role nor the will to deal with matters relating to the administration of the Constitutional Court or any other court in the Republic of Macedonia. Ambassador Byrns met with Constitutional Court President Sali Murati in January 2020. The Ambassador expressed support for the important work of the Court and its importance for the rule of law and democratic progress of Macedonia.

The Constitutional Court claimed in a statement that strong support for the pay rise came from some ambassadors, including those of the United States and the European Commission in the country.

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