Health inspectorate investigates the deaths of COVID-19 patients in Shtip and other hospitals


 The State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate informs that from the regional unit of the inspectorate an extraordinary inspection was performed in the PHI Clinical Hospital Stip regarding the deceased patient from COVID-19.

“According to the established factual situation, the director of the health institution was instructed to immediately meet with the Quality Monitoring Commission, which will determine the factual situation for the patient’s treatment and the circumstances that led to the death,” reads the statement.

The decision, as announced on Monday by the inspectorate, was submitted electronically, and in paper form on Tuesday.

“The director is obliged to inform the SSHI in writing within three days about the findings of the performed control of the commission”, inform from the State Health Inspectorate.

Regardless of the work of the Commission, today the SSHI will initiate expert supervision over the work of the health institution and the health workers regarding the treatment of the patient, to the Minister of Health.

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