Ivaylo Ditchev: The absurd veto for Macedonia speaks volumes about Bulgaria’s frustrations, some EU countries will hide behind the veto


We are probably insecure about our identity, so we want to rub the Macedonians’ noses to show how great we are. The absurd veto we are preparing for Macedonia on the road to the EU speaks volumes about our own frustrations.

“Some EU countries that oppose enlargement will gladly hide behind our veto. The Russians are happy, who will be able to share and rule, and the Chinese, who will be able to invest freely, the Serbs, who tomorrow will integrate North Macedonia instead of us. Why do we look for an occasion to make this fatal mistake to stop North Macedonia, and by the way, Albania on the road to the EU?” Ivaylo Dichev, Professor of cultural anthropology at Sofia University, says in his analysis.

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