Macedonian Foreign Minister: An opportunity was missed, but there’s a second one in December


An opportunity was missed today to approve the negotiating framework, the next one is the General Affairs Council meeting in December. We cannot give up, there is no other alternative. Discussions will continue in order to find a way to overcome these differences, says Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

“For us it is important to hold the intergovernmental conference in December and there are two opportunities for this. One is to align the negotiating framework in November and the second is to align it in December. Unfortunately an opportunity to confirm the European story of the country and the region was missed today, and I believe this will have a significant effect on EU’s credibility,” FM Osmanisaid after Bulgaria vetoed the EU negotiating framework for North Macedonia at today’s meeting of European foreign ministers.

According to him, the negotiating process is a difficult one and Bulgaria should okay not only the intergovernmental conference but give approval on 130 more occasions during the negotiations.“Not only Bulgaria but all 27 member-states. And we must get used to the fact that this process is difficult, it requires hard work, skill, diplomacy, communication, arguments to get through the road to membership,” says Osmani.

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