Karakachanov confirms that Bulgaria wants Macedonia to sign an agreement like the Prespa Agreement


Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov told BNT TV that “Bulgaria did the right thing, showed character and dignity by vetoing Macedonia.”

The minister demands a written document or a new agreement from Macedonia, as the one the country signed with Greece.

“Yes, there should be a written document, I do not believe the statements of Skopje politicians and ministers. For three years we hear only beautiful things. First, a clear and categorical recognition that the history of Macedonia until 1944 is part of the history, culture and language of the Bulgarian people. Second, their efforts to create a distinct identity date back to 1944. Third, despite this, on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia there are people who, despite the state policy, have Bulgarian feelings and call their language Bulgarian. I called it an annex, it could be a memorandum, it could be a new agreement, you can call it as you wish, my idea is for it to be signed, because I don’t trust polite statements,” Karakachanov said.


Доколку преземете содржина од оваа страница, во целост сте се согласиле со нејзините Услови за користење.


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