Opposition in Tirana claims Artan Grubi was the translator in the “Yellow house”?!


While the Macedonian public is waiting to see if DUI leader Ahmeti would be charged with UCK crimes in Kosovo, the second-in-command of the Democratic Party of Albania, Edi Paloka, mentioned the first deputy prime minister in the Macedonian government Artan Grubi as a translator in The infamous “Yellow House” for harvesting organs from war prisoners from Kosovo, reports Express.

Addressing the Albanian government led by Socialist Edi Rama, Paloka said the whole fraud scheme set up against Lulzim Basha had failed.

“For Edi Rama and all your mercenaries, below are all the answers you are hiding and you will not hear: That you and the Russian Foreign Ministry are the only ones still talking about the Yellow House. From the recording that your witness gave to the BBC in the presence of Dash Peza, it is not Lulzim Basha. That the translator in the “Yellow House” was Artan Grubi, not Lulzim Basha.

That Lulzim Basha, as the EULEX prosecutor stated, was NEVER part of any investigation against the KLA. As your friend Baton Haxhiu told Mislenje, the claim that Lulzim Basha was present in the arrests of KLA commanders is a lie,” Paloka told a news conference in Tirana, where he told Edi Rama that he had done a lot of damage to Kosovo. , and did a lot of dirty work for the KLA war to hide its failures.

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