Macedonians stuck all over the world cannot get documents, embassies shrug


The number of Macedonians stuck in the maze of Macedonian documents is unknown.

Due to the coronacrisis, they cannot obtain documents via Macedonian embassies, if they come to Macedonia due to the crisis, they will not return to the countries where they live and work, and the Macedonian authorities are not doing anything this issue.

Macedonian nationals Mimoza Veljanovska, Milka and Ivan Jancev are stuck in China and say that they first went to the Macedonian embassy where they talked to a diplomat, then there was no ambassador yet, who advised them to send an e-mail to her and the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dimitra Hadzi-Popovski, who lives and works in Copenhagen, as her passport expires in December 2020, she officially applied for a photo shoot on April 21 at the Macedonian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was scheduled to take place in June. Unfortunately, from then until today, she was delayed and received the same answer that they do not know and that they will inform her when they find out when that would happen.

These Macedonian nationals urge the Macedonian authorities to resolve their cases as soon as possible and invite other citizens who are in this situation to join them to speak publicly about the problem they are facing and are stuck in the administrative labyrinths.

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