Filipche and private hospitals make a deal: Sistina-Mala Bogorodica will become a new infectious diseases hospital with capacity of 100 beds


 The old building of Sistina – Mala Bogorodica in Skopje will be turned into a new infectious diseases hospital with one hundred beds. This is the proposal that emerged after yesterday’s meeting of the Minister of Health Venko Filipche with the owners of the private hospitals Acibadem Sistina, Zhan Mitrev and Re-medica and for which a final position is expected to be adopted at tomorrow’s meeting.

The idea is to provide 100 beds, five doctors, 30 nurses, 10 paramedics in this facility. The staff will be provided by Acibadem Sistina and the Clinic Zhan Mitrev with 40% each, and the hospital Re-medica will participate with 20%.

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