Shahpaska: Sunday is a non-working day, each ministry will have to adjust the laws for its sectors


The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy expects feedback from other ministries on the proposed amendments to the Law on Labor Relations that declare Sunday a non-working day. The draft version is ready and it defines that Sunday is a non-working day unless otherwise decided by another law or collective agreement.

In those other laws, the adjustments have to be made by other ministries, so it is unclear for now who will work and who will rest on Sunday.

“We are making the change in the systemic – the Law on Labor Relations which gives the main direction that Sunday should be a non-working day. Hence, we asked for support and cooperation from all ministries that address the problems of various activities. For example, the Ministry of Economy has most of the substantive laws related to the regulation of matter, primarily I am talking about catering, trade, tourism. on Sunday, about what the scope will be, whether everyone will work continuously as in a normal working day “, says Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Shahpaska.

Once the changes are passed, she said, they want to give other ministries the time they need to adapt their laws.

Before the changes are adopted, ie after the ministries give feedback on the proposed changes, they will be published on ENER to hear once again the reaction of the public, chambers of commerce, trade unions, etc.

So far it is known only that the exception to this law will be the sectors such as health, police, fire servie, etc.


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