Mickoski: He must not negotiate something that is not for negotiation, Zaev behaves like a failed gambler


We must be guided by a factual situation in terms of historical facts. We must not sit at the table and negotiate something that is not negotiable. How did we get into this situation to negotiate that? Someone has lost all negotiating positions, behaves like a poker gambler wandering in politics, and you expect other politicians to sit down and find a deal. Zaev behaves like a politician who has strayed into politics. Now the priority is not to have Zaev at the negotiating table, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with “Klik Plus” on TV 21.

Mickoski pointed out Zaev’s inappropriate behavior and changing attitudes, or that he changes them continuously.

“Zaev says “I have no reason to talk about with the opposition leader, I have no reason to go to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Parliament, but he has no problem with giving an interview to a Bulgarian media outlet and I would say he is gallantly announcing the sale,” Mickoski said.

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