Mickoski: If Zaev protects the identity and language, let’s adopt a declaration for their protection in the Parliament!


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski on Thursday’s “Klik Plus”show on TV 21 once again called on Prime Minister Zaev to hold a leader’s meeting together and create a declaration in Parliament that will protect both the Macedonian identity and the language, if he is honest and if he really wants to protect the country’s identity and language.

“Zaev says “I have no reason to talk to the leader of the opposition, I have no reason to go to the Foreign Affairs Committee and give an account of the negotiations because that way I will violate the positions in the negotiations, but he obviously can give an interview to a Bulgarian media that appalled the Macedonian public, including me, with all those inaccuracies, and the sale he announces there, I would say quite gallantly in that interview. Now, how can we understand this, it is very unserious. And the second thing or the second point I want to say is the fact that two weeks ago that same Zoran Zaev announced that there were no negotiations for the Macedonian language, no negotiations for the Macedonian identity and so on, and that those were his red lines. Those are our red lines as well, why then do we not go to the Parliament together and vote for a declaration or resolution, and based on that declaration or resolution to further defend our Macedonian identity, to defend the Macedonian identity,” Mickoski said.

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