Revolted by Sofia’s blackmails, Joleski from Struga returns his Bulgarian passport


Struga resident Bulgarian passportrenounced his Bulgarian citizenship revolted by the latest political situation. He sent the Bulgarian passport and travel documents by mail from one of their offices in our country.

Joleski claims that the passport he obtained in 2003 was needed for existential reasons, but now that Macedonia has been blackmailed and humiliated by Bulgaria’s state leadership, no privilege offered by European documents is enough to compensate for the damage done to the Macedonian state, so revolted because of that he decided on such a step.

As pointed out, Joleski filed for a Bulgarian passport for health reasons because he is one of the patients waiting for a heart transplant. The expert called the others who have Bulgarian documents, and according to some rough estimates, there are at least more than a hundred thousand, and if they are able to do the same.

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