(VIDEO) The project “Popova Shapka – mountain paradise – relax and enjoy” was promoted with new opportunities for staying in nature


“Popova Sapka – mountain paradise – relax and enjoy” is the title of the project implemented by the Association Mountaineering Club “Shara Ski” from Tetovo, which provides all visitors to this winter-recreational center with a different stay in nature. Hiking, cycling, children’s entertainment, at the same time relaxing and enjoying the fresh air is the combination of all the beautiful things that the project offers.

The pedestrian-bicycle path Jelak with a total length of 12 km is an opportunity to spend several hours in the fresh air, to see the beauty of the evergreen forest of pines and fir trees along the way. As part of the project, a space for rest with benches was built and is a new content for the visitors of Popova Sapka. It takes about an hour and a half to walk from the ski resort to the new resting place, and the trail falls into an easy category that even beginners can cross.

The project also worked on people to have appropriate and timely information about all current opportunities for stay in Popova Shapka, in a way that created a unifying web platform with information on all events in the center entitled “Popova Shapka – All seasons Adventure ”

This web platform was created to improve the attractive motivational factors by enriching the tourist offer, but also its promotion, in order to increase the influx of tourists based on arrivals, as well as the development of tourism in Popova Shapka. There is also a forum on the website that will be moderated on a daily basis.

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