TIDZ announces entry of new companies in the industrial zones


The newly appointed head of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones (TIDZ) Jovan Despotovski announced the entry of new companies in the industrial zone and informed that he contacts three potential investors from different industries, but also that analyzes are made to increase salaries of employees in industrial zones.

Despotovski said that the companies from the TIDZ zones, in the last 10 months alone, achieved total exports of 2.1 billion euros and account for 45 percent of the total exports we have at the national level. He pointed out that 14,000 of our fellow citizens currently work in companies in the zones and that analyzes are being made to encourage companies to pay higher salaries.

“In the work program of TIDZ, we set a goal for the employees in these companies to receive 30-50 percent higher salaries by 2024,” said Despotovski.

The analysis, as he announced, should show in what part is the untapped potential for salary increases, as well as a clear perception of the opportunities for inclusion of domestic companies in the overall exports that companies in the TIR zones generate.


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