Zaev considers the Macedonian people to be an experimental nation that can accept anything


We call on you to protest today, because tomorrow may be too late. This weekend there were talks between government officials of Bulgaria and Macedonia that took place in Sofia. This information is confirmed by Zoran Zaev who in a statement for TV 21 said  “At the level of working groups under the leadership of our and the Bulgarian Foreign Minister are being discussed.” We learned from Zaev’s statements that it was not him, but senior officials who were in direct negotiations with neighboring Bulgaria this weekend. The same Zaev has been convincing us for the last three years that all issues with the neighbors are closed. What is being negotiated then, said VMRO-DPMNE EC member Stefan Andonovski at today’s press conference.

We are expecting a public answer to the question – who and what negotiated this weekend in Sofia? Is it being negotiated that Macedonians are transformed Bulgarians or neo-Yugoslavs? Are we an artificial creation? Does the Macedonian language have Bulgarian roots or not? Is the outgoing trader – Prime Minister Zaev selling Macedonia in this way and for what interests? Why is this meeting kept out of the public eye? Why did Kostadinov lie that there were no meetings when his leader confirmed that there were?,” asked Andonovski.

Zaev considers the Macedonian people as an experimental nation, which can accept everything that will be served on the table. By accepting signposts and annexes, Zaev is paving the way for the defeat of the Macedonian identity.

“Promises you made to high-ranking officials in Sofia must now be delivered,” Andonovski said.

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