Miloshoski: Bulgaria’s veto was supported by two other EU member states


Former Foreign Minister and current VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonijo Miloshoski cites diplomatic sources in Brussels to say that Bulgaria has blocked both the EU conclusions on Macedonia and the proposed negotiating framework. Miloshoski adds that Bulgaria’s move was met with criticism from some member states but also with tacit approval from others, who oppose enlarging the EU.

“Some of the member states expressed their sympathies toward Macedonia and the need to open accession talks with Macedonia, reminding that the country first received approval for this by the Commission in 2009. But it seems that Bulgaria is not alone in the dispute it has imposed on us, but it has discreet diplomatic support from at least two EU other member states.”

Eventually the German presidency cut the discussion short because there was no consensus and the issue of enlargement will be reopened on December 7 at the COREPER meeting, Miloshoski said.


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