Zaev’s ideologist: If there is no Macedonian history, there is no Macedonian society, there are no Macedonians


Reaction of the author of the SDSM “One society for all” platform, which Prime Minister Zaev accepted and promoted as his main political ideology.

After the Prime Minister’s statement that he is negotiating the use of the adjective “Macedonian” and the phrase “Macedonian history”, Petar Atanasov announced that Zaev’s path to the abolition of the Macedonians is close.

For the former Deputy Minister of Education and former MP of SDSM Petar Atanasov, these negotiations of Zaev are unacceptable because if he agrees that there is no Macedonian history, there will be neither Macedonian society nor Macedonians.

“If there is no ‘Macedonian history’… then there is no ‘Macedonian society’… so there are no Macedonians either!

In that case, the existence of this country is put into question!

A country that bears the name Macedonia must be able to use these terms!”, says Atanasov, who resigned from the post of Deputy Minister due to disagreement with the policies of SDSM and giving up the concept of one society for all.

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