Macedonia enters recession – over 50 thousand people lost their jobs


Macedonia has officially entered recession. Bad policies have contributed to the country’s economic collapse. Because Zaev is such a strong economist, Macedonia cried. In 10 months, 50,000 people remained on the streets. A second transition is happening to us, emphasized VMRO-DPMNE Wednesday at a press release.

“Zaev is the politician who said that we shine, but brought a recession and poverty. Yesterday, the SSO released statistics that retail prices are rising, which means that food and beverages are becoming more expensive. Bread is becoming more expensive! Surviving in Macedonia under Zaev is getting harder. Half a million citizens live on 2 euros a day. Zaev brought absolute poverty. The situation will become even more dramatic, especially if we take into account the fact that exports have decreased, which means that companies are working less and economic activity is reduced,” said the party.

The opposition party adds that the reduced activity of the companies also affects the reduction of the revenues in the Budget, all in all the collapse in the economy.

“Public debt in less than a year has increased from 49% of GDP to 61%. While the budget deficit for this year will be over 900 million euros. This is an economic tsunami. Zaev sells everything state-owned so that he can cover the holes, and the people are left without bread, said VMRO-DPMNE.

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