Analyst Daskalovski: The government is uncoordinated on the issue with Bulgaria, which harms Macedonia


The speech of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is unnecessary and harmful on several levels. In principle, when you stir the public with an interview with BGNES and say that we are in fact part of the Bulgarian people, and today you are talking about Macedonians, Macedonian people, it is obvious that in one of these two situations you are lying. In which situation the Prime Minister is lying, the citizens and the public will judge for themselves, said analyst Zidas Daskalovski on Wednesday’s interview with the “24 Analysis” show.

Daskalovski added that after Zaev’s speech and past statements, it is clear that there is no consistent policy on this issue with Bulgaria. According to him, it is obvious that there is chaos and there is no coordination between the Prime Minister and Minister of European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani.

“The interview is harmful because it does not contribute to moving from the point where we are now. This interview is also harmful and the statements we heard yesterday that now we, Macedonia will be in a situation to wait for the elections in Bulgaria. And the elections in Bulgaria are in March. What will we wait for until March? Borissov to win or Borissov to lose? They say a lot of vague things, they do not focus on things properly.They say that this is an issue that the EU should not have allowed, that in principle it should not have allowed bilateral relations to affect enlargement, that it should not have allowed self-determination to be disrupted, it should not have done this, it should not have done that, and in fact all that “they did it with the Prespa Agreement,” Daskalovski stressed.

He pointed out that it was sad, and at the same time ridiculous to hear from this government that they were offended, affected by the reactions of Bulgaria, when Greece did the same. And the government then decided to change the name.

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