Actor Jovanovski: Macedonia will have to pay for the troubles of Jane Chento


I do not know when Jane Chento will be released from prison, but I know that one day, a beautiful sunny day, it will certainly happen! I’m sure of that! It will come out, as will the other unjustly condemned patriots, who stood on the defense of Macedonia, at a time when the homeland was begging and moaning for help. It is not difficult to assume that then, Jane Chento will be the President of the Macedonian National Assembly. I say this not only because, that man has a personal integrity, a heap of intellect, a lawyer, a patriot… (this is my personal feeling from the short, lightning sightings through the bars in prison) – commented actor Vlado Jovanovski after the address of Jane Chento, who was convicted of the events in the Parliament on April 27.


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