The Democratic Union calls on the Macedonian side not to “participate” in the election campaign in Bulgaria


The Democratic Union, which is part of the ruling coalition led by SDSM, believes that Bulgarian politicians are campaigning by manifesting nationalism against Macedonia, the Macedonian people and language.

The parties with a strong anti-Macedonian campaign, unfortunately, have already increased the party rating, regardless of the damage they have done between the two countries and peoples, according to the party.

“Every day they spread misinformation and untruths, redefine history, explain why Bulgaria vetoed Macedonia’s European integration process and in fact holders of high party and state positions in Bulgaria compete with severe insults against the Macedonian people, and the ultimate goal is to gain political points” .

Such a pre-election campaign continues to poison and worsen relations between the two countries, but that campaign is more effective if we publicly comment on all those national-chauvinist statements.

Our position is that we should let them drown themselves in nationalism and the low level of communication. Throwing mud at us would only get them stuck in it. Macedonia is a sovereign country, with its authentic history, people and language. Instead of whining, we as a country should prepare an Action Plan for the priority reforms and implementation of European values ​​and move on the path to the European Union.

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