Macedonia’s goal is to vaccinate about 70% of the population against COVID-19


Up to 70 percent of the country’s population is expected to receive a vaccine against COVID-19 over the next year. Health officials say they have obtained enough doses of this type of vaccine as needed to achieve herd immunity to the virus. The Ministry of Health emphasizes that the vaccine is safe and that citizens should not fall victim to misinformation.

“Vaccines have been developed in accordance with the safety protocols and procedures that vaccine companies have used for years. There is no room for doubt. Thanks to vaccines, many diseases such as mumps, polio and measles have been eradicated worldwide.”

But the first doses of vaccines against COVID-19  are expected to arrive in March 2021. Last week, the government paid over 800,000 doses, which will be provided through the Covax method. The 70°C refrigerators will arrive in January as a donation from an American foundation. Private operators distributing vaccines in the country will also be involved, according to the Immunization Committee.

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