Reeker: EU should not allow bilateral disputes to stall deserved forward movement of Macedonia on EU path


The European Union should not allow bilateral disputes to stall the deserved forward movement of Macedonia on its EU path, said United States Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Reeker.

We believe these issues should be resolved outside the accession process. We think that’s plenty to show that that’s possible and I think Skopje has more than earned the opportunity to keep moving. We’ll continue to hope we see positive movement in that direction, Reeker said at the To Be Safe (2BS) forum of the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro.

Macedonia, he pointed out, has done everything asked of it and it should be allowed to keep moving forward.

The European Union decision in March to open negotiations with Macedonia and Albania, according to Reeker, reaffirmed to the whole region that hard work and commitment to reform opens doors.

Asked how the United States would restore confidence in the region, which some estimates say has waned during the Donald Trump administration, Reeker said the United States and the EU shared a common vision for the Western Balkans.

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