Ruskoska admits citizens neither trust her nor the judiciary and prosecution


Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, in an interview ith the “Samo intervju” show, spoke about the prosecution in the country and admitted that citizens neither trusted her nor the judiciary and prosecution.

“If we take into account that the entire political leadership, from the prosecution, from the SPO, I personally was a guest twice in his show on 1TV, I was at the celebration of 1TV, so people simply do not trust where to report and whether to report at all and that should be taken into account. Boki 13 played very wisely by constantly inviting the political top on the 1TV shows, as well as prosecutors from the SPO were guests many times, and I too was a guest there twice. So people do not trust if they report something, that it will be opened as a case and be solved,” Ruskoska said in the interview.

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