Mickoski: I will not participate in a leaders’ meeting organized by Pendarovski


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, asked over the forthcoming leaders’ meeting, stressed that he would not participate in a leaders’ meeting organized by President Pendarovski.

“Several months ago, when what is now happening was basically announced, I asked for a leaders’ meeting. I will remind you that more than a year ago I asked for defining our stands at that leaders’ meeting with Stevo Pendarovski, on defining our red lines, which would make it easier for the politicians who negotiate, but also for the historians who negotiate their position in many things. But you cannot contribute if you see the Prime Minister giving an interview to the media in our eastern neighbor, where all the negotiating positions of the country are traded and completely destroyed,” said Mickoski.

Mickoski pointed out he would not take part in a leaders’ meeting in such a format, organized by Stevo Pendarovski, because he did not see the role of Stevo Pendarovski in such a leaders’ meeting. If the political parties sit down and an initiative comes from the Government, he will accept it and take part.


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