Government: Bulgaria confirmed the veto, the European values and the people’s expectations have been betrayed


On occasion of today’s conclusions of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER), the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia again expresses its disappointment that the EU has not found a way to make a positive decision on the adoption of the negotiating framework that would have enabled the first intergovernmental conference between EU and North Macedonia by the end of 2020, during the German Presidency.

Regretfully, Bulgaria’s veto has been confirmed, preventing the start of the EU negotiations of our country, although all reports by European institutions say that we have met the criteria required for the adoption of the negotiating framework and holding of the first intergovernmental conference,” the Government said in a press release.

Bulgaria and the EU are repeating the mistake regarding North Macedonia. The historic mistake of 2019 is now an enormous geostrategic mistake by the EU. The justified expectations of our citizens, encouraged by the EU and its member-states, have been betrayed. The trust of a vast majority of citizens in all countries of the Western Balkans has been shaken. This mistake motivates third parties to penetrate even stronger in the heart of Europe.

“The demands by the Republic of Bulgaria come as no surprise, but their persistence on viewpoints that have nothing in common with the strategically important issue of EU enlargement will not alter our positions that identity issues are non-negotiable,” says the Government.

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