Minister of Finance announces a major reform of the capital market


The Ministry of Finance is scheduled to implement the largest reform in 2021 in the field of capital market. The current Law on Securities will be replaced by two new laws: the Law on Financial Instruments and the Law on Securities Prospects and Transparency Issuers’ Obligations. This reform will create conditions for development of new products and services on the financial market in the Republic of North Macedonia, will provide a higher level of market stability, will strengthen the powers of regulatory bodies, and will improve the protection of investors and all market participants – said the Minister of Finance at the event “Stock Exchanges in 2020 – a review of local and global markets”, organized by the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

In terms of the supply of securities, in 2021, the minister informed, the nineteenth and twentieth issues of denationalization bonds are expected to be realized, as well as to continue with the issuance of continuous bonds.

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