Mickoski calls for unification: Although we have different views, we have one homeland


Thursday night’s edition of the “Jadi burek” debate show on TV Sonce interviewed VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, who referred to the current political developments, the defeating policies of the Government regarding the health and economic crisis, as well as the current treaty with Bulgaria.

“The moment has come for the national spirit to wake up, a moment when all citizens should stand up and say in front of themselves that now is a historic moment for the Republic of Macedonia. If the Macedonian people give in now, there will be no chance to correct it,” Mickoski said.

Mickoski says that although the political parties have opposite views, still a national consolidation should be made that will stand together on the defense of the homeland.

“Political quarrels, dialogues between politicians are one, but when it comes to the Republic of Macedonia, it is proper to build a national shield that will not allow any foreign politician to insult and humiliate the country. If the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, regardless of their ethnic, religious or party affiliation, stand in defense of their country, there is no force that can separate it, nor will there be a more proud people than the Macedonian,” said Mickoski.

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