Anti-Corruption Minister Nikolovski spreads corruption, he hired his cousin in M-NAV for a salary of 100,000 denars


The uncle and son of the Minister for Prevention of Corruption Ljupcho Nikolovski are employees of M-NAV. In the institution M-NAV where the uncle of the Minister of Ljupcho Nikolovski works for a long time, and carries the same name Ljupcho, hired his cousin Stefan Nikolovski and there was no obstacle that his father to worked there, and his cousin was a minister in the government.

According to “Netpress” information, the employment was made from a second attempt because Stefan did not meet the conditions. Later, the conditions of the call for Stefan to be employed in M-NAV were changed.

This was done by changing the person with whom Nikolovski’s cousin took the exam, but did not pass the first time.

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