Nikoloski: The blockade of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is no coincidence, VMRO-DPMNE prevented it through its party friends


The reaction of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is no coincidence, everyone has seen the content and that is that they do not agree that the conditions in the part of language, of their own interpretation of history, should be a condition for EU membership. VMRO-DPMNE for this whole period actively informed its friends, what is happening to Macedonia and that is why we are now in a situation where the Czech Republic and Slovakia are bigger patriots than ZoranZaev, said VMRO-DPMNE Voce President Aleksandar Nikoloskion Kanal 77’s “Stadion” show.

“We have great friends in the governments of the V4 countries. Three of them are in the EPP party where we belong, and the fourth is even further to the right, in the group of European conservatives. It was a coordinated response against the attempt to make EU enlargement conditioned on historic interpretation, Nikoloski said.

“The Vishegrad 4 group is a great supporter of EU enlargement and also of Macedonia, and VMRO-DPMNE maintains good friends there, starting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki, and the leaders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia,”Nikoloski said.

VMRO-DPMNE worked hard with the Vishegrad 4 countries to get their help and prevent adding historic issues as criteria of our EU membership, said Nikoloski.


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