Pendarovski: Bulgaria wants us to include in Macedonian textbooks that until 1945 the Macedonian language was Bulgarian


President Stevo Pendrovski said that Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva was substituting theses when she said that they respect the right to self-determination.

“I wouldn’t want us to become infamous record-breakers for being stuck in the waiting room, but the hardest thing is the first veto, meaning to convince everyone that you disagree. Afterwards it’s much easier, according to analysts,” Pendarovski said Friday.

“I will try to simplify Bulgaria’s demands. Bulgaria says we do not recognize the Macedonian language and call it the official language of Macedonia. That is why Bulgaria urges the EU not to use the Macedonian language wording in any document, since it became a candidate for membership, and even when it becomes a full member. It asks the Historical Commission to agree that in 1945 the Macedonian language was a dialect of Bulgarian and consequently to include in the Macedonian textbooks that until 1945 the Macedonian language was a Bulgarian language, and do the same with the nations,” said Pendarovski.


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