Doctors warn of a new coronavirus wave in January


The measures for coronavirus protection adopted by the Government on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays are not enough, doctors warn and warn that health workers are on their knees, and healthcare is maintained artificially, because the system is on the verge of collapse.

The medical workers appeal to the citizens, to whom the government, after not introducing a curfew, still left them the opportunity to spend the holidays in company, to be conscientious, because the virus will pass, and the lost lives will not be returned.

“The coronavirus does not choose friendship, whether you are close to someone. That is why we appeal to the holidays to be spent in the circle of the closest family, because life will pass without mass celebrations. “Why is health care maintained artificially, and doctors at all levels are already exhausted,” said Dr. Nenad Lazarov.

That the peak of the coronavirus in the country is still here was confirmed in the article on Alfa TV and Dr. Zlate Mehmedovic. He says that overcoming the second winter wave will be possible only when the number of newly infected and deceased will be drastically reduced. He admits that the authorities balance the economic and health stability when dimensioning the restrictive measures.

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