Zaev: We no longer know what the problem is with Bulgaria


Bulgaria has expanded the list of problems it has with Macedonia, including Macedonian citizens with Bulgarian citizenship. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said that no Bulgarian government could hand over these people without clarifying what it specifically meant by it, and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev commented Saturday that he no longer knew what problems needed to be resolved with Sofia.

“We no longer know what we need to solve with Bulgaria, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the new message that arrived from Sofia that the Bulgarian position on the issue of Macedonia will not change because it must not hand over Bulgarian citizens to Macedonia.

“If that is the solution, we will ask the Macedonian citizens with Bulgarian passports. We are friends with Bulgaria. We need to solve the problem, and I do not know what the problem is. We have defined that the long and short name of the country are one and the same – the Republic of North Macedonia, we have no territorial claims, we are friends and we have conveyed complete trust,” Zaev told reporters.

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