The census will cost 8.5 million euros


Out of 591 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 129 new cases were registered, 1,122 patients have recovered and 22 passed away, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

Most of the new cases were registered in Skopje-63, followed by Kumanovo-4, Shtip-4, Prilep-14, Tetovo-7, Veles-4, Bitola-1, Ohrid-2, Kavadarci-12, Gostivar-2, Gevgelija-4, Strumica-1, Kriva Palanka-1, Radovish-1, Kochani-1, Pehchevo-1, Berovo-1, Vinica-1, Delchevo-1, Kichevo-3, Negotino-1.

In Skopje, three patients died of coronavirus-related complications, with the youngest being 44-years-old. Moreover, one patient from Kumanovo (aged 88), one from Debar (43), one from Shtip (64), nine from Prilep (85, 81, 87, 87, 70, 96, 69, 79 and 68), two from Struga (86 and 78), one from Veles (75), one from Bitola (58), one from Gevgelija (72), one from Makedonska Kamenica (86) and one from Kichevo (69).

The Public Health Institute registered 1,122 recovered patients from all over the country, the press release reads.

Since the onset of the epidemic, the country has registered 78,434 confirmed coronavirus cases, while 55,155 patients have recovered. The death toll has reached 2,314. At the moment, there are 20,965 active cases across the country.

The census set to be conducted next year will cost eight and a half million euros and will cost five million euros less than the failed census in 2011. More electronic devices will be used than paper, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced Monday, presenting the initiative for EU standards at home.

“We aim with the census bill not to treat this statistical operation now and in the future as a political issue. The census will be conducted, not because Zaev said so or because Mickoski wants it that way. The census will take place because the development of the country will not be possible without its results. Because the citizens, businessmen and institutions need accurate statistical data for our population,” said Zaev.

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