Jacheva-Ulchar: You will humiliate the Macedonian on “Teshkoto”, then you will go to busts and celebrate him in Nebregovo!


Professor Elka Jaceva-Ulcar, science advisor at the “Krste Misirkov” Institute for Macedonian Language – Skopje, reacted on Facebook to the visit of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to the birthplace of the codifier of the Macedonian literary language Blaze Koneski on his birthday.


To me, this in honor of our Teacher Blaze Koneski is extremely hypocritical and disgusting!

You will trample on his “History of the Macedonian language”, which by the way is not from 1944, but from 10 centuries ago; you will not honor him with a reading of his two defenses from the attacks of the Bulgarians on our language, so you will go and sign a Good Neighborliness Treaty with them; you will make a rag out of his ‘language is our only homeland’; you will hand over his big name on a platter – they will want to take it from us’; you will humiliate the Macedonian on “Teshkoto”; you will dishonor “Vezilka” and in the end – you will go to busts, and celebrate him in Nebregovo! Doesn’t it seem a bit too much? Tone it down a little, please!” said Jacheva-Ulchar.

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