Where will almost EUR 650 million go for the “discretionary” expenses of the Government, asks Nikolosk



VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and MP Aleksandar Nikolosk made numerous criticisms of the draft budget for the future 2021 were made on Sunday night from the parliamentary rostrum in the debate on the new budget, and said that it was a wasteful theft of citizens’ money, where the government would invest a miserable 347 million for its discretionary spending will give 641 million, and will borrow plus 568 million.

The Vice President of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE regarding “other transfers” from the Budget said that for grants to the non-governmental sector, contract services, etc., the Government will historically allocate the highest 641 million euros, compared to 2009 is more than 295 million euros, and from 2011 for 277 million euros more, so the Government will allocate 300 million euros more only for discretionary “other transfers”, he asked where this money goes, why citizens do not see it, and why it is not invested in the construction of hospitals or highways?

“For discretionary spending, the government spends more than the budget hole, if these expenditures, which are 641 million euros from the budget, are well managed, borrowing of 568 million euros will not be necessary, so the budget gap would be very small,” Nikoloski said.

Regarding the capital expenditures, Nikoloski clarified that 374 million euros are projected this year, which as a percentage is around 9.3%, which compared to 2008 is 14%, and 2011 is around 11%, but I think that with the realization next year it will not reach even half of this amount, which means that the only question is whether we will see capital investments.

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