April 27 case: Is Ruskoska’s evidence falsified and fake?


Some of the evidence of Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska and her prosecution in the case of the so-called “Organizing on April 27” are unreliable, because it is possible that they were modified and material was added or taken away from them, this is the conclusion after the testimony of the expert Professor Dr. Miroslav Kotevski who at the request of the defense in the case made an analysis of the evidence offered by Ruskoska which is related to the alleged telephone communications of the defendants.

At Tuesday’s hearing for the so-called “organizing the events on April 27”, an expert testified about the evidence derived from telephone conversations offered by the prosecutor in the case Vilma Ruskoska, and according to the expert prof. Dr. Miroslav Kotevski, the evidence presented by the prosecutor before the court when she filed the indictment were not sealed or protected from change, which is why he suspects that it is possible that someone changed them, i.e. made a forgery.

According to Dr. Kotevski, there are several reasons why he doubts that it is possible for Ruskoska’s evidence to be declared potentially inaccurate and corrupt, ie that the court should not rely on their opinion and verdict.

The first and basic reason is that the evidence is factual data in an Excel file that is not protected, i.e. instead of a “sealed” file in which no one will be able to edit data according to someone’s needs and against the law. The expert expressed his astonishment that these data were not sealed, i.e. subject to change, because after leaving the mobile operators, until the indictment was filed, “anyone could” correct Ruskoska’s evidence if they had access to it.

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