Miloshoski: The hasty signing of the Treaty with Bulgaria harmed Macedonia


The procedure of non-transparency damages the trust in the institutions of the system. The citizens, journalists, and even the MPs who do not have information about what is happening in the Macedonian-Bulgarian relations, and it is an important issue for our national uniqueness and an important issue for European integration, have a growing suspicion that there are backstage games and thus the trust in the institutions is damaged, regardless of whether that institution is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Prime Minister or the Government as a whole, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski in an interview with

“In 2017 when we had a closed session of the Foreign Policy Committee and then the draft agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria was presented, which was presented by Zaev. We, the opposition, pointed out 5 key remarks that we considered to be shortcomings in the draft Good Neighborliness Treaty and which we warned that if the agreement remains as proposed, it will not be a solution to problems in the future, but may create additional problems in the future,” Miloshoski pointed out.

Miloshoski stressed that the first of those remarks was that the agreement lacked the explicit mention of the Macedonian people and the Bulgarian people as neighboring close and friendly nations.

He said that the hasty signing of the Treaty in August 2017, without respecting the remarks of the opposition and without the then Government holding wider public consultations, has already done the damage that we are facing today.

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