Xhaferi: No nation would agree to negotiate on the issues Bulgaria demands from Macedonia


Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said that no nation would accept to negotiate on the issues Bulgaria is raising with Macedonia. Xhaferi, who is an ethnic Albanian, spoke during a TV21 interview where he denounced Bulgaria’s claims on Macedonian history and national identity.

“Bulgaria and Macedonia signed a Treaty on good-neighborly relations. Under the Treaty, both sides undertook specific obligations. Right after that, Bulgaria raised new conditions,” Xhaferi said.

The Parliament Speaker says that Macedonia has made progress, fulfilling the conditions for negotiations with the EU. He believes that a solution can still be found, and that the country can continue on its path to the EU.

“There can be a solution if the disputed points in history are overcome, we need to look forward and together fulfill and realize the tasks required of us by the EU,” Xhaferi said.

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