Government to continue exchange of ideas to overcome obstacles with Bulgaria


The Government will continue to put forward and exchange ideas until issues and obstacles with Bulgaria are overcome, spokesperson Dushko Arsovski said Wednesday in response to a reporter’s question on why the special representative hasn’t briefed the public after his return from Sofia on the non-paper presented to Bulgaria’s authorities.

“Some ten days ago the Government said, and the Government’s special representative too, that the document contains exchange of ideas that we put forward and will continue to put forward until we overcome issues and obstacles with Bulgaria that got on the way of our European integration, i.e. the next step which is the holding of the first intergovernmental conference,” Arsovski said.

In terms of the talks with Bulgaria and the contents of the non-paper, as well as North Macedonia’s special representative VladoBuchkovski’s communication with Sofia, Prime Minister Zaev last Monday pointed out that ideas are regularly exchanged with Bulgaria in order to overcome obstacles.

There’s also the Action Plan developed with the Foreign Minister, the Deputy PM for European Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office as an additional motivation for a more efficient and swifter implementation of the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria, according to PM Zaev.

On Dec. 10, the Government’s special representative VladoBuchkovski paid a visit to Sofia and held talks with Bulgaria’s PM BoykoBorissov and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva over possibilities to find a solution with Bulgaria in order to unblock the process of the European integration of North Macedonia.


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